Brunch for one, please?

I know I’m not lonely because I have God. I know I’m not lonely because I have family healthy and safe here with me. I know I’m not lonely because I have amazing brothers and sisters around me working towards the kingdom of God; serving the Lord with the same vision.


I felt lonely today.

It’s the one void that I haven’t been able to fill since I’ve been back in NJ (about 3 years).


I don’t have friends. I don’t have real friends, the ones I can text or call when I’m feeling like this for instance, all lonely and really just blah. Someone to grab a coffee with or eat brunch with spontaneously. Someone I can go with to brunch who will not pick up their cellphone every five minutes to like Instagram pictures or text other people who are not at this great brunch place.

I struggle with this area. It’s not easy making friendships. We’re so busy always running to work, back home, to church, grocery shop, blah blah and then we forget about the people around us. I forget too.

I’ve prayed to the Lord for friendships. I met friendly people along the way, but no connection yet.

This blog post isn’t very uplifting. Honestly, these are just my thoughts typed here.

I know the Lord is for me and He is good.

He will provide friends in His timing.



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